Tel: 6738 2996

Akamotif is a boutique store located at Tanglin Mall. They focus on their trade mark, also known as Motif. Therefore, they create motif inspired wear for both men and women, boys and girls. They also specialise in unique textiles on intricate batik and brocade weave. Their batik collections are handmade from distinctive batik states in Indonesia, namely Cirebon, Pekanlogan, Lasem, Madura, Palembang and Solo.

More Than Just The Love Of Batiks
Beside hand made textiles, they also own a collection on silver jewelry, bohemian bags, accessories and artifacts from Central Asia and South East Asian countries. Decorative textiles like intricate batik sarong is also a niche market for interior decorating. Furthermore, they also house the interesting and premium hand fan design in Akamotif.