Simone Irani

Tel: 6468 8486

Operating Daily:
10am to 7pm

Simone Irani is an independent luxury resort wear brand that was established in Singapore in 2004. It has grown tremendously since its inception and now has two retail stores in Tanglin Mall and Cluny Court, in addition to an online store that ships globally.

Simone’s collections showcase an interesting combination of different elements in a unique way, where boldness and softness co-exist. The collections are timeless and effortlessly carry the modern-day woman from day to night, in any setting. Bright colours and prints are married with soft flowy textures for women who aren’t afraid to be feminine, yet strong.
The collections are inspired by the richness of traditional clothes, conventional styles are given a contemporary twist to form unique silhouettes. There is a careful balance of old and new in the pieces, much like Singapore, which is deeply entrenched in its culture but ultra-modern in its infrastructure and the lifestyle it offers. She cleverly combines different textiles as well as saris and converts them into one-of-a-kind dresses, skirts, pants, jumpsuits and tops. Her different worlds come together in her designs, with some pleasant surprises.

Simone wants women to feel confident and most importantly, have fun in her creations. Her stylish clothes are a statement of who you are – a vibrant and free-spirited woman.
“I want to celebrate the individuality in you, I want to open a door in your closet you never knew existed.” Simone Irani.