The ShoeCo.

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Ever wished you not only had a great looking pair of shoes but also feel great in them? The ShoeCo  is the only women-focused shoe retailer that aims to meet the challenges of comfort versus fashion with its range of footwear. It is the best place to find fit, comfort and style, all under one roof. At The ShoeCo , the focus is not just on fashion, but fashion that is good for your feet, posture, health and well-being.

The people at The ShoeCo  are trained to measure your feet, and understand the importance of not just comfort, but also, fit . Every pair of feet is measured and assessed not just for length, but also width. The staff have a working knowledge of common foot problems faced by feet that have worked too hard for too long, ranging from heel pain to bunions. Coupled with a keen understanding of the features and benefits of the products they sell, the team at The ShoeCo  is able to help recommend appropriate footwear. This trademark personal customer care and service makes the shopping experience at The ShoeCo  something of a unique experience. And ultimately, women want to feel good and look good. The ShoeCo  knows this only too well and offers the best respite for tired feet today and everyday.

The ShoeCo  carries a large range of carefully selected  brands from Ziera (Australia), Beautifeel (Israel), Solidus (Germany), Arche (France) to VIONIC (USA) to name just a few! From sandals to dress shoes, there is something comfortable and fashionable for everyone.