Our Music Studio (Temporary closure till further notice)

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Our Music Studio Pte Ltd (OMS) runs music-and-movement programs for young children in Singapore. It was started in May 2012 by 7 ladies who have a total number of 118 years of experience in teaching music and movement. Their approach is based on Orff Schulwerk, Emile Jacques Dalcroze & Kodaly pedagogies. Many of the OMS teachers are qualified musicians, composers & music arrangers with a passion in imparting the joy of learning music to the young ones. OMS has more than 300 original songs, including their signature Hello and Goodbye songs.

Babies bond with their care-givers through vocal play, instrumental exploration & creative movements in a colorful yet hygienic environment.

Active Tots will experience a myriad of musically stimulating activities to develop their listening & pre-reading skills, vocabulary, gross & fine motor skills as well as musicianship. This program will help the toddlers gain confidence, self-control & communication skills while having fun!

Using an integrated arts approach, the preschoolers will be exploring elements of music & movement through various modes such as instrument play, drama, dance, games & literature. Instruments like the glockenspiel, xylophone & the ukulele are introduced

Our integrated learning approach emphasizes the process rather than the product. It sets the tone for a more disciplined music-learning journey. It also lays the foundation for the kindergarteners to appreciate the arts & to help them prepare for formal musical pursuits, be they instrumental, vocal or dance. Instruments like the glockenspiel, xylophone & the ukulele are explored.