Year 2023
August 2023
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At LILY.S – they offer an authentic and casual dining experience in a semi-fine dining setting for both connoisseurs and adventurers of food.

Established in 2019, their menu is a showcase of selected Vietnamese dishes, crafted by their team of talented chefs together with input from the vast dining experiences of our founders.

Using French culinary techniques, LILY.S hope to redefine traditional Vietnamese dishes. They introduce a fresh dining perspective through innovative visual presentation, at the same time, preserving the authentic taste and flavours.

LILY.S dishes are prepared using only the freshest available ingredients. Every bowl of Pho is prepared and served individually, in a broth that has been brewed for at least 12 hours using hormone and antibiotic free marrow bones, topped with air-flown chilled beef from Australia.

No added flavourings are used in the preparation of their dishes.

LILY.S strive to create an enjoyable gastronomic experience for their diners.