Year 2023
July 2023
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TOEBOX was created in 2012 to bring you a one-of-a-kind select shop for children's shoes in Korea.

The word TOEBOX means the instep, which is the face of the foot, and in a broad sense, it means a box that covers the toes, that is shoes. TOEBOX'S shoes will provide optimal support and comfort for your kids’ instep that deserves special attention.

After ten years of rapid growth in Korea, TOEBOX operate more than 100 stores in major department stores and shopping malls today. TOEBOX have been reshaping the fashion landscape for children in Korea step by step, layer by layer. 

Inspired by Korea, TOEBOX have now set our sights on expanding into the Southeast Asia market, starting with Singapore. With a visionary concept that brings together multiple renowned international brands like MiniMelissa, Meduse, Cienta, Hunter, and more under one roof, TOEBOX will redefine your child's style.