Year 2023
July 2023
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Will I Shave is a men’s grooming salon mixing the old world style of barbershops with a modern new take on fashion and lifestyle. Services include men’s haircut, shaves and a whole host of modern mens’ grooming needs such as nail care, etc. William – Our Lead Barber Becoming a barber has been a lifelong dream for William. Having been a hairdresser for over 15 years at some of Singapore’s finest salons, William finally managed through passion, grit, and hard work to open his own Barber Shop. With his full sleeve tattoos, and unforgettable smile, William has established a reputation as one of Singapore’s finest barbers. William completed his training at the Toni & Guy Academy in Singapore and then went on to apprentice there and become a Senior Hair Stylist. William began his career as a barber at the renown We Need A Hero in the Tiong Bahru neighbourhood and spent 3 years there as a Senior Barber. Building a rapport with each and every single one of his clients, William leaves his is own bespoke imprint on each of his clients. Will I Shave is the realisation of Williams dream and the representation of a man who will let his scissors, trimmer and blade do the talking.