Year 2023
July 2023
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Setting itself apart, Sarai aims to bring you on a journey of rediscovering Thai cuisine. With more than 27 years of culinary experience, Isan-born Chef de Cuisine – Chimkit Khamphuang, or better known as Chef Lisa, is dedicated to bringing a part of her Thai heritage to Sarai. Sit comfortably and enjoy the traditional Thai-style dining known only as สำรับ (sumrub), with beautifully crafted menus that have been delicately and meticulously curated to conjure warm feelings of belonging and gastronomic contentment. Indulge in classical Thai dishes well-loved by the royal family, with each encompassing a touch of innovation and modern embellishment, taking your taste buds on an adventure of enticing flavors, inviting aromas and exquisite textures.