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June 2022
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Dating back in the early 1950s, Singapore has been a place for cultivating gastronomic inventions combining the dynamism of Western cuisine with diverse Asian influences. Thus, the birth of the Cookhouse, a large eatery space, where the most charismatic and original minds of culinary experts gather and inspire each other to create the most delicious renditions of British foods. Enjoy this in a lush British colonial-style setting, giving a nod to the original heritage, coupled with an old-charm-meets new opulence furnishings, exuding a harmonious blend of modernity and heritage. Nestled in the corner of Tanglin Mall and tucked away from the buzzling streets of Orchard, Tanglin Cookhouse brings you back in time with our timeless and contemporary rendition of colonial cuisines. We promise our guests will be delighted and awed through years of rich traditions. The first and only flagship store in Singapore yet.